Field of dandelions and white fencing on bike ride.

Summertime in Cambridge!

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Summer is coming and we can’t wait!  The bikes are tuned up and ready to hit the road to enjoy all the beauty our area has to offer.  Country roads with wide-open fields of wild flowers, Lake Ripley swimming-boating-paddling-fishing, play farms, farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants and a relaxed pace we all enjoy. The Victorian of Cambridge is the perfect spot …

Flowers in a container at The Victorian of Cambridge, WI

It’s THAT time of the Year!

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The sun is shining brighter, the ice is melting and the air is fresh.  It’s almost SPRING-time!  I love this time of the year.  We start to get calls from our “regulars” excited to plan their summer vacation. Visiting the Victorian of Cambridge in the summer-time is magical.  It’s the perfect spot to slow down, relax, spread out and breathe.  …